Innovation Strategy


I have been been creating innovative strategies for clients for over twenty years. He can help you using a variety of techniques.

Design Thinking

More than just visual, modern design requires you to think about how audiences engage in time as well. I have carefully studied modern design thinking techniques to develop his own way of helping clients look at the big picture of the customer’s journey with their product and company. We will help you create compelling experiences that people not only want to use, but love to use.

Lean UX

Increasingly, designers are working in Agile workflows. They don’t have the luxury anymore of spending weeks or months preparing formal design deliverables, but have to think and communicate their ideas quickly. I have spent time working with a variety of clients in fast-paced development cycles. He can help designers work efficiently and effectively with developers to move from concept to reality while still maintaining high quality experiences.

Design for Trust

Without trust, you will instantly loose your customers and audience. I have been at the forefront of studying the interplay of design and trust. He has published his findings in articles and presented them at conferences around the world. He can help you make sure that your audiences don’t loose trust in you.

Training the Trainers

I have worked with numerous UX designers to help them with writing and speaking about User Experience design. He can help you with writing articles or books as well as speaking at conferences, developing internal UX training programs, and turning experienced professionals into mentors.

Experience Design Fundamentals and Beyond

Because a great experience is everybody’s job—not just the designers’—I work with programmers, coders, developers, product owners, product managers, executives, and anyone else involved with creating great products and great experiences.

Much More…

I have also been a ground-breaker in digital typography, video design production, eCommerce, TravelTech, FinTech, MedTech, graphic novels, and many other areas of digital media innovation. I am never happier than when tackling sticky new challenges to find the best solution. We can discuss your needs and if I can’t help you, I probably know someone who can.