Temporal Design Thinking


Design thinking beyond the touchpoint

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This two day session will involve a number of activities to help the group define the needs and big ideas that they are attempting find solutions for. The bulk of the time will be spent in group activities with groups of 6–8 participants, randomly distributed in order to allow for more innovative idea generation.


Design Thinking is about reversing the way many people approach problem solving in order to find innovative solutions. Rather than starting with the issues and finding a solution, we start with the desired outcome (the big picture) and work to figure the best way(s) to make that happen.

Temporal Design Thinking broadens this scope beyond distinct interaction points and linear journeys into a wider world of how the goal for the product might fit into the actors wider goals and needs over time.

Who this is for

This workshop is for anyone interested in design thinking— but does not consider themselves a designer—who wants to better understand the creative process and how they can have an impact on the final product design and experience.

Students will learn…

  • Why everyone on the team—not just designers—must think about product growth and change
  • The design thinking process, and how to apply it in an Agile and Lean UX environment
  • The importance of storytelling to communicate ideas to teams, clients, and audiences
  • How to ideate ideas to continually refine and improve them
    Ways to use prototyping to test ideas

Download the full workshop specs (PDF) »

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