Experience Design Basics


YOU are UX!

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This two day workshop will train anyone—regardless of their current skill level—in what makes and how to create a great user experience. The teacher will lead the class through a series of developmental exercises that stress user centered design, design thinking methodology, and the importance of considering what success looks like before trying to find a solution.


Everyone who has anything to do with the end users experience of a product is a user experience professional. Whether that’s the Product Manager, Back-end Developer, VP, or even the helpline operator, they all help create that experience.

Who this is for

This workshop is for anyone interested in experience design— but does not consider themselves a designer—who wants to better understand user experience design and how they can have an impact on the final product.

Students will learn…

  • Why everyone on the team—not just designers—must think about the experience
  • Questions to ask at every stage of development to ensure the usability of a product
  • Why product teams need to avoid design by default
  • Ways to perform design critiques without becoming combative
  • How to define successful outcomes in context to the people using the product

Download the full workshop spec (PDF) »