These are the Workshops where I train students in important skills


Mindful Creativity:
Design Thinking for Everyone

How do we apply the practices of mindfulness to increasing anybody’s creativity? The World Economic Forum predicts that “Creativity” as the third most important business skill by 2020. Yet, few understand that creativity is a skill that they can practice like any other skill.

This workshop addresses the growing need to understand what creativity is and how anyone can improve their creativity skills.


Experience Design Basics:
You are UX

Everyone who has anything to do with the end users experience of a product is a user experience professional. Whether that’s the Product Manager, Back-end Developer, VP, or even the help line operator, they all help create that experience.

This workshop is for anyone interested in experience design— but does not consider themselves a designer—who wants to better understand what experience designers do and how they can help.


Trust by Design:
Keeping the Audience on Your Side

Design serves one primary purpose: to gain the trust of its intended audience. Within the first second of viewing a design — before even reading a single word — we have already determined our opinion about the quality and likely trustworthiness of what we are looking at. Once that basic line of trust is established, it is only then that design can clearly work to help turn data into knowledge and knowledge into understanding.

In this workshop, Jason will present the principles of trust for design, and look at how you designers use them to help clients understand often obscure design decisions.


Temporal Design Thinking:
Design thinking beyond the touchpoint

Simply thinking about the single interface or interaction point with a product is not enough. Instead, design thinking needs to consider the actor’s experience with the medium in time as well as space. Temporal design, then, means thinking of the visual (static) and interactive (dynamic) needs in specific context as well how they will change for the actor over time.

In this workshop, Jason will train students in design thinking principles, and broaden how they consider product design to grow with their audience rather than staying static.