Let’s Get Creative


Creativity is the new literacy

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In Let’s Get Creative, attendees will learn how creative thinking can be applied to their professional—as well as personal—life. More importantly, the talk will show the audience how anyone and everyone can grow their creativity literacy to be more competitive in the modern job market.


In the article “The 10 skills you need to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution”, the World Economic Forum predicts that creativity will go from being the tenth most important job skill in 2015 to being the third most important job skill by 2020. According to the article,

Robots may help us get to where we want to be faster, but they can’t be as creative as humans (yet).

As a result, workers in all job will need to understand what creativity is and how to apply creative thinking in their professional lives.


Whether you want to develop general creativity skills or apply creative thinking to a specific problem, this talk will explain ways to inject new ideas and insights into your routines. By the end of the hour, attendees will have learned about new ideas and practical applications that will get the creative juices flowing and open their thinking to a growth mindset.

Who this is for

This keynote targets anyone who wants to understand how they can upgrade their job performance by tapping into creative abilities they may not even know they have. This includes not only people in “creative services” but anyone whose job requires them to find new solutions for problems.

Attendees will learn…

  • The importance of understanding creative thinking in an increasingly automated world.
  • Specific ways creativity can be developed and applied in a variety of situations.
  • How to apply current research and thinking to access creative ideas.
  • A wide variety of true-life stories collected by or experienced by the author that inform and inspire.

Download the full keynote spec (PDF) »