Design Is How It Works: Prototyping the User Experience

How you design web pages is changing — rapidly. Part of being a great web designer is understanding the medium you are designing for, recognizing its weaknesses and pushing its strengths. It’s no longer enough to show a visual mock-up and explain what happens, you have to be able to show what happens. Your job doesn’t stop after the web page loads, it’s really only just starting.

Jason will lead your team through the latest prototyping techniques and tools to help them choose the best ones for the task at hand.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to produce interactive prototypes
  • Working with responsive design from the ground up
  • How to reduce the number of misfires between design and development

You Are UX: Make a Great Experience Everybody’s Job

User experience isn’t just the designer’s job: it’s the job of anyone who has anything to do with your customer’s experience of your product. This includes management, technology, and even the help line operator.

Jason will help your developers, business analysts, and product managers empathize with the needs, wants, and desires of your customers so that you can create products people love to use.

What You Will Learn:

  • How the user’s experience is affected by every member of the team
  • Ways to understand when products are working for the user and how to correct the issues
  • Ways to allow product, developers, and designers to work faster and more effectively

Experience Thinking: Beyond design

Companies are currently embracing the idea of design thinking, but a user’s experience goes beyond simple visuals and pretty pictures. Design is how it works. Your teams can’t simply be thinking about the single interaction with a product but with your customers experience with your organization over time.

Jason will take your team through exercises that teach them to get to the best methods and ideas for creating product experiences your customers not only use but love using.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to apply the concepts of experience design thinking to product development
  • Ways to consider the user’s entire experience over time
  • How your teams can work together to define the best experiences and test your goals for real results

Killing Creativity: How Your Words Can Stifle Great Ideas

I’ve been in a lot of design critiques, stand-up sessions, and reviews over the years, and began to notice something: there are some questions and statements that are time-bombs ready to explode and kill creativity in the project. They are not always asked using the exact same words, but the meaning and results are the same.

To help you out, Jason translates these questions and statements into how they make you feel, identifying the problem with them, and then helping you construct a good answer.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to effectively critique work for better and more harmonious team meetings
  • Questions and phrases to avoid
  • How to hear what some one is really asking or saying when reviewing a product

Trusted Filters: How the Internet Changes Who You Trust and How You Think

There is just too much information in the universe—too much to know—for one person to experience even a small fraction of it it all first hand. We have always turned to the people around us to help sift through and synthesize data (turning information into knowledge) and to help us learn what’s going on (turn knowledge into understanding). We have always relied on our trusted filters.

The Trusted Filter examines where the shifts in culture and technology we are currently experiencing have developed from, the implications they have on how we gather and process information, and where these changes may be leading us. Neither reactionary nor Pollyanna, The Trusted Filter will acknowledge the downsides of the “New” media, but will equally acknowledge that the devaluation of “Traditional” media is not a bad thing.

What You Will Learn:

  • How trust is and is not working on the web
  • Methods for engaging users with trust
  • Where trust will be heading in the future

18 Ways Doctor Who Made Me a Better Design

Doctor Who has been with me since the very formative years of my life. Needless to say, the good Doctor has had a profound impact on my life, so I was not too surprised when I realized that most of the lessons I have learned as a designer over the years tied back to what I learned watching the charismatic Timelord.

Jason will illustrate important—but often overlooked—best practices in interactive design, that the good Doctor thought him.

What You Will Learn:

  • Important principles for experience design each illustrated with a quote from the good doctor
  • Practical methods for getting to better designs with some simple tools
  • How to have fun with design again